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P.o.E.M.M. = Poetry for Excitable [Mobile] Media.


The P.o.E.M.M. project is part of the Writing Complex research effort. Writing Complex is focused on creating work that consciously exercises different affordances of the digital media environment as core components of the meaning-making dimensions of the texts.

The introduction of the iPad and similar tablet devices makes it a promising moment in which to develop such work. Tablets promote a more intimate interaction style than a desktop, and a much better reading experience than a mobile phone or PDA due to the larger, higher-resolution screens that render text beautifully.

The two-thumbed interaction style they encourage provides interesting possibilities for interactions that enhance the reader’s engagement with the text without distracting her from it. Their mobility makes it possible to experience text anywhere, while substantial improvements in processing power have created handheld computers equal to fast desktops of three years ago.

We believe that significant, sustained investigation of the writing and design possibilities of such devices will lead to new forms of electronic literature that will be compelling, provocative and delightful.